Realising the Vision for Wilton New Town

Welcome to the refreshed and updated Wilton New Town major landowners website.

Balancing the best of rural and city living and attracting local employment opportunities, the major landowners have long advocated for the creation of a new town at the Wilton locality. Combined with quality local services, recreation and community facilities, it will be a thriving new town set against the natural backdrop of bushland, gorges and the Nepean River.

This website update is due to significant planning process changes by the NSW Government particularly the declaration of the Wilton Priority Growth Area as an Amendment to the Growth Centres State Environmental Planning Policy (SEPP) 2006. This followed the Greater Macarthur Land Release Investigation Preliminary Strategy & Action Plan undertaken by the NSW Government. Previously the proposal for Wilton Junction New Town had been a largely developer-led planning process under the Potential Homesites Program; it is now included as part of the Wilton Priority Growth Area.

The Wilton Priority Growth Area Amendment is a significant step in delivering high quality new housing, jobs close to home and supporting infrastructure and services at Wilton New Town.

In recognition of the locality’s high liveability and strategic position, the NSW Government has outlined potential expanded housing and employment opportunities in the Wilton Priority Growth Area. A map showing the expansion is available here and a comparison table is available here. The NSW Government is currently preparing a Draft Land Use and Infrastructure Strategy to support future rezoning of land.

The three major landowners in the Wilton Priority Growth Area will be continuing to work together with the NSW Government, Wollondilly Shire Council and other key stakeholders including the community, to deliver the new town.

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Wollondilly Shire Council has released the Wilton New Town Advocacy Paper which calls attention to the need for a highly coordinated approach to planning and infrastructure so that Wilton can become a healthy, vibrant and sustainable community. Read the landowner’s response to the paper here.

The NSW Government has released the Interim Land Use and Infrastructure Implementation Plan for Wilton for public consultation. Read the landowner’s response to the paper here.

Wilton Priority Growth Area NSW Government Facts

16,000 homes

Self-contained town offering significant local employment in:

  • a new major town centre
  • additional employment land opportunities around Maldon

Protected waterways and biodiversity

Detailed land use and infrastructure planning is being undertaken by the Department of Planning & Environment

A ‘no-cost-to-government’ approach to infrastructure funding

Wilton New Town Facts

Wilton Junction is a new community cradled in a unique landscape characterised by bushland, rivers, creeks, lakes and ridges set against the backdrop of the Razorback Range. By design, the place and the lives of its people are intertwined with the bush.

To find out more, please see our factsheet.


Major landowners

To develop the original master plan and rezoning application for Wilton, the three major landowners, Bradcorp, Governors Hill and Walker Corporation worked collaboratively through the complex issues involved in preparing a Proposal to rezone land.

This Proposal included completing a suite of planning studies, from traffic and access, heritage, infrastructure, subsidence through to how to effectively manage biodiversity resources. Using this detailed information enhanced by extensive community and stakeholder consultation, they created an evolving master plan responding to the unique qualities of the locality and community desires.

More recently, since the NSW Government has been driving the planning process for Wilton New Town, the major landowners have been liaising and working with Government and Wollondilly Shire Council.

You can review the map of the area that shows the landholdings of each of these major landowners.

ExpandLearn more about Bradcorp

Bradcorp is a multiple award winning creator of innovative residential communities. For more than 20 years Bradcorp has been a leading force in the development of residential communities throughout the South West of Sydney.

Bradcorp’s project portfolio is in excess of $1b and stands as testament to our ability to innovate; to show respect for the environment; and demonstrate our belief in the social obligation to carry out good and thoughtful planning.

Central to Bradcorp’s projects is a long-term commitment to the local communities in which we develop through our support for individuals and community initiatives and the high level of consultation that precedes every proposal.

ExpandLearn more about Governor's Hill

Governors’ Hill is a private partnership of two related families from South West Sydney, Each are successful residential and commercial developers, maintaining large properties portfolios and other investments in Eastern Australia.

Both families have a long-term outlook in maintaining their presence in the development of Wilton and it will be one of a number of large greenfield developments currently being undertaken by the partnership, including Lowes Creek Maryland and Emerald Hills in the Camden LGA, and estates in the Shoalhaven LGA.

ExpandLearn more about Walker Corp

Walker Corporation is one of Australia’s largest private development companies, successfully developing iconic, large-scale, award winning developments for 50 years. Walker Corporation operates across all industry sectors – retail, commercial, industrial, residential, resort and master plan communities. Walker Corporation brings the financial strength, management, experience and resources needed to drive developments forward. As a privately owned company, we are highly responsive to market needs, able to respond and deliver innovative solutions to ensure project delivery.

Past projects range across all sectors from the iconic Woolloomooloo finger wharf, award winning inner city apartments like Altair in Rushcutters Bay, major shopping centres such as Rhodes Waterside, Broadway and Point Cook and residential master planned communities such as “Bluestone” in the Adelaide Hills, “Main Drive Kew” in Melbourne and “North Sapphire Beach” in Coffs Harbour.



A strong, integrated vision for Wilton has been refined and developed by the key major landowners, Bradcorp, Walker Corp and Governors Hill since 2011. The landowners submitted the locality for the Potential Homesites Program, an initiative of the NSW Government to deliver much needed housing.

The NSW Government endorsed a State Environmental Planning process, and working with the Government’s study requirements, the major landowners collaborated to develop a holistic and integrated vision that informed an evolving master planning process.

The NSW Government has recognised the further potential for the locality through an investigation process and expanded the land area for the Wilton Priority Growth Area.

The NSW Department of Planning & Environment is currently preparing a draft Land Use and Infrastructure Strategy for Wilton.  For more information see Government Approach.


An evolving masterplan

Economic Sustainability

  • High level of local employment (11,000+ local jobs in the major landowners previous rezoning proposal + an average of 1700 construction jobs at any one time)
  • New strategic town centre preventing economic leakage from Wollondilly Shire (estimated at $130m/year)
  • Strategy to grow local employment and deliver infrastructure

Environmental Sustainability

  • Bio-diversity protection framework
  • Integrated water management systems to maintain and enhance river health
  • Developing sustainable human interaction with bio-diversity resources with walking and cycling trails
  • Heritage protection

Social Sustainability

  • Up to 11,200 good quality dwellings for residents
  • High liveability with local access to goods and services including schools, childcare centres, health and community hubs
  • Quality recreational opportunities including a multi-function recreational lake
  • Promoting a healthy lifestyles with extensive walking and cycling facilities


  • Upgrade to the Hume Highway and Picton Road Interchange
  • Provision of new north facing ramps onto the Hume Highway, north of the existing interchange
  • Upgrading of Picton Road
  • A new public transport interchange in the town centre and associated park and ride facility
20130716_Masterplan-Community Consultation-4_Asterisk Removed

The landowners’ Masterplan is evolving and being refined, constantly striving for the best outcomes for the locality.  The Department of Planning & Environment is due to publicly exhibit a Land Use & Infrastructure Strategy for the Wilton Priority Growth Area in the near future, which will provide a context for the further evolution of the Masterplan for Wilton New Town.

During this period, each of the major landowners has been developing more nuanced and innovative responses to further enhance the liveability and sustainability of the future communities. Details of the landowners planning refinements are provided in the links below.

To see a high resolution version of the masterplan, click here.


Wilton New Town Interchange Design

Government approach


The Department of Planning and Environment is working with Wollondilly Shire Council to progress planning for the new town at Wilton.

In July 2016, Planning Minister Rob Stokes announced that Wilton New Town would be declared a new growth area. This was formalised through an amendment to State Environmental Planning Policy (Sydney Region Growth Centres) 2006.

In recognition of the strategic and lifestyle benefits of the locality, the Department of Planning and Environment outlined the vision for the new town as being a self-contained community with approximately 16,000 homes. This increase in new homes is due to the land area of the Wilton Priority Growth Area boundary being expanded beyond the major landowners’ vision.

A strategic town centre will offer a range of health, community, retail and commercial uses that will grow and develop over time. The Department has also expanded the potential employment areas around Maldon.

The Wilton Priority Growth Area Precinct Boundary Map is available here.

Infrastructure Provision

The NSW Department of Planning and Environment has advised that no land will be rezoned in the Wilton Priority Growth Area until satisfactory arrangements for the appropriate supporting infrastructure are in place under a ‘no cost to government’ approach.

The Department is currently preparing a Draft Land Use and Infrastructure Strategy to identify the necessary land uses and infrastructure required to support urban and employment development at Wilton.

This will include detailed infrastructure analysis to assess indicative costs, delivery timeframes and suitable infrastructure funding arrangements to support future development. The Draft Land Use and Infrastructure Strategy is anticipated to be available for public consultation to the first half of 2017.

The NSW Government is exploring the possibility of a Special Infrastructure Contribution (SIC) Scheme, which is an infrastructure contribution that will be levied to developers for the provision of state and regional infrastructure, such as regional road network upgrades.