Bradcorp Indicative Master Plan

Bradcorp is continuing to refine their master plan to create a place that is a unique and attractive making it a highly desirable place to live, work, play and learn.

In addition to a diverse range of housing typologies to support a socially inclusive environment in which people can thrive, the master plan provides for business and employment, recreational and educational opportunities including:

A multi-function lake that will serve as a recreational activity hub aiming to:

  • Activate various commercial activities and enterprises, attracted to the aesthetic and recreational functions
  • Foster a business incubator concept and ‘smart’ spaces for people to work close to home
  • Offer a range of health services to support young families and aged care
  • Encourage local specialty shopping, restaurants, cafes and small bars attracting residents and visitors
  • Co-locate education and training services, retail, entertainment, recreational and community-based activities to activate the lakeside area both day and night

An educational precinct

  • Bradcorp has negotiated an agreement with the Anglican Schools Corporation to establish a new  school as part of the early stages of development
  • ‘Wollondilly Anglican College – Lakeside Campus’ will provide state-of-the-art learning facilities for future students.

The indicative Master Plan can be viewed to the right.